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Please post your Fairtrade recipes below by following these simple guidelines

  1. Your recipe should include at least 1 Fairtrade ingredient; if this was purchased locally please indicate where from.
  2. Please use British measurements wherever applicable (for conversions see
  3. Feel free to include why this recipe is significant to you: is it a favourite childhood dish? reminds you of your home country? satisfies dietary requirements? or is simply a lot of fun to make and eat!?
  4. If copied directly from a published source (either in print or online) please include a reference to the original author.
  5. Upload your pictures (Max size: 2Mb, no more than 2 pictures please)! Recipes submitted without pictures will not be posted until someone tests the recipe and reposts with new pictures.
  6. Can’t find your category? Would you like to advertise your own blog on your recipe? Make a suggestion in your main post and we’ll add it for you.

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